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Situated just north of Ludlow on the A49, Ludlow Food Centre is a top notch Food Hall. With its emphasis on quality and provenance, it gives food lovers the opportunity to buy some of Shropshire’s finest produce. If you’re visiting for the Ludlow Food Festival, make sure you pop in.


Artisan bread on display at Ludlow Food Centre Shropshire
Ludlow has long been renowned as a hub of foodie excellence. Its annual food festival in September, attracts thousands of visitors each year and has the reputation for being the festival for serious foodies. Its Food Centre, which is part of the Earl of Plymouth’s Oakly Park Estate, opened in 2007 and has done much to build upon this great reputation. 80% of its produce is sourced from Shropshire itself or from the neighbouring counties of Worcestershire, Hereford and Powys. What makes the Food Hall even more appealing, are the 8 specialist kitchens cleverly designed so you can observe the production process as you shop. It’s guaranteed to make you fill up your shopping basket.
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  • Shop for Shropshire produce
  • Eat in the Ludlow Kitchen Café
  • View the chefs in action
  • Visit the Garden Centre

Fill Your Basket With Warm Bread and Speciality Cakes

If you’re shopping at Ludlow Food Centre in the morning, you’ll be greeted by the delicious smell of warm freshly-baked bread and cakes. At their weekly tasting sessions, the bakers invite you to step into the bakery to watch daily activities from kneading sourdough made from a 21 year-old mother dough, to decorating their speciality red velvet cakes. For anyone with a sweet tooth, the centre’s award-winning Victoria Sponge filled with Lady Windsor’s raspberry jam is simply irresistible.

 Entrance to Ludlow Food Centre
 Shoppers browsing inside Ludlow Food Centre 


Pick Up a Jar of Lady Windsor’s Preserves

The jam selection will transport you back to your granny’s kitchen and nostalgic childhood summers spent fruit-picking and picnicking on delicious fruity jam sandwiches and tarts. Buy old favourites such as damson and gooseberry or more unusual flavours including wild wimberry. It’s all made in small batches using traditional methods. This year, the team are expanding their range to include lime and blackcurrant curds, the perfect addition to a homemade fruity pavlova or a creamy roulade.

Charcuterie hanging at Ludlow Food Centre

Watch Traditional Butchery Skills In Action

Unlike many other food centres, all the meat at Ludlow comes from one source – The Earl of Plymouth’s nearby Oakly Estate. The abattoir is located nearby so the animals are all reared, slaughtered, butchered, hung and sold within a 6 mile radius. In the butcher’s cold room, you’ll see freshly-killed pigs from the estate’s herd of Gloucester Old Spots and massive sides of beef, ageing the proper way, hanging on the bone, rather than divided into cuts and sitting in vacuum packs. There’s seasonal game too including pheasant, partridge and venison.

Have a Taste of Blue Remembered Hills

Cheese enthusiasts can watch the resident cheese-maker creating one of seven different kinds of cheese including the only true Shropshire Blue made in the county. Cultural Foodies will make a beeline for a Stilton-styled cheese called ‘Remembered Hills’ in reference to Houseman’s “blue remembered hills” from A Shropshire Lad. Try it with Lady Windsor’s spiced chutney.
 Clee Mists Wine from Ludlow Vineyard
 Bottles of Cider Liqueur from Hereford and Ludlow Cider Brandy Company 


  • Have a spot of lunch in the Ludlow Kitchen café
  • Try local wine from the Ludlow vineyard or Hereford Cider Brandy and Grappeau from the Ludlow Distillery
  • Buy some home-roasted Mercanta coffee beans (they’ve received 2 Great Taste Awards)
  • Foodie Gardeners can visit the Centre’s neighbouring garden centre
  • Visit Ludlow in August to take part in the annual MagnaLonga walk, a tasting walk for foodies organised as a precursor to the Ludlow Food Festival in September

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Please check with the Ludlow Food Centre directly.

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How to Find Ludlow Food Centre


Ludlow Food Centre, Bromfield, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 2JR



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