Huffkins, Burford, The Cotswolds

With four locations across the Cotswolds including Burford, Huffkins Tea Rooms celebrate their long history by serving traditional English cakes and Afternoon Tea, all freshly baked in their own craft bakery.

Huffkins tea rooms in Burford

Huffkins Burford

When your feet need a rest from too much shopping and sight-seeing in the Cotswolds, pop in to Huffkins Tea Rooms for a pot of tea and a slice of cake. It remains true to its origins and serves traditional English cakes. Frequented by locals and tourists alike, it’s a handy place to revive your spirits before continuing your tasting tour of the Cotswolds.

The Foodie Travel Guide

  • Eat traditional cakes
  • Try lardy cake
  • Shop for Cotswold specialities

Visit A Craft Bakery in The Cotswolds

Back in 1890, a Mr Titicombe started baking in Burford where he delivered bread and cakes to the villagers with his donkey and cart. Nowadays, Huffkins is still an independent family business with a craft bakery that has won several Great Taste Awards for their range of cakes, biscuits and breads.

Eat Lardy Cake

Specialities include Lardy cake, a rich and very sweet spiced bread. Lardy cakes were eaten on special occasions such as holidays and harvest festivals and are made using freshly rendered lard, flour, sugar, spices, currants and raisins. Once it’s been baked, you turn the cake upside down so that the lard can soak through. Huffkins make Lardy cake using their own family recipe and – wait for this – serve it gently warmed with vanilla ice cream, raspberry coulis, whipped cream and a Huffkins shortbread (you may wish to skip lunch). Other traditional British cakes on the menu include toasted butter teacakes, Chelsea buns, iced buns, Bakewell tarts and shortbread.

Huffkins Tea Rooms Burford
Lardy Cake

Taste Cotswold Fayre

Coffee is hand-roasted in the Cotswolds in a traditional wood fire using seasoned cherry wood from the nearby Blenheim Estate (visitors to Chartwell will know this was the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill). Teas are blended with Cotswolds fruits and lavender from the Cotswold Lavender Farm at Snowshill. There’s Hooky Best Bitter from the brewery and Cotswold cider. Go home with jars of preserves of Cotswold Honey from Cotswold Bees in Kingham.


Cook’s Tip

Lardy cakes can be made by substituting lard for butter.


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Please check with the Huffkins bakery and tea rooms directly.

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Huffkins Bakery and Tea Rooms, 98 High St, Burford, Oxfordshire  OX18 4QF