Isle of Wight Garlic Farm, Newchurch

The Isle of Wight Garlic Farm is one of the Island’s most popular attractions. It’s the UK’s largest grower due to the Island’s record hours of sunlight. Taste different garlic varieties, tour the farm and visit the Heritage Centre before dining in its popular restaurant.

Isle of Wight Garlic Farm at Newchurch

The Isle of Wight Garlic Farm is worth visiting in summer just to see their beautiful wildflower meadow with stunning views of the island all around.

The visitor experience has been designed with great thought. You leave having learnt much about this member of the onion family, having tasted the delicious food from the restaurant’s garlic-inspired menu, and of course, laden down with goodies from the Farm Shop. Don’t miss.

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Farm Tour Garlic Farm Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight Garlic Farm

The story of how the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm came into existence is a good one. During the Second World War, a squadron of French torpedo boats was stationed in Cowes. They often complained to Bill, the landlord of The Painters Arms, how much they missed French garlic. He spoke to his RAF pilot friends who were carrying out night missions to Central France and on one of their sorties, they brought back a sack of Auvergne garlic. Bill began growing it and also gave some to his neighbour, Mrs Boswell. She grew garlic in her kitchen garden at Mersley Farm, now the site of the 40-acre Garlic Farm.

Take a Tour of The Garlic Farm and Spot Wildlife

Visitors can take a ride around the farm on the tractor-trailer (when operating), or pick up a map from the Farm Shop and do the farm walk instead. You’ll see different bunches of garlic hanging on stakes with information boards telling you about each one. Discover that Provence Wight, a soft-neck garlic from Southern Provence, has subtle flavours that are ideal for making aïoli, the garlicky mayonnaise so loved by the French. Children can also enjoy feeding the animals and trying to spot red squirrels and skylarks.

 Wildflower Meadow The Garlic Farm Isle of Wight
 String of Garlic The Garlic Farm Isle of Wight 

Visit The Heritage Centre

Many of us associate garlic with France so you’ll be surprised to learn in the Heritage Centre that it actually originates from the Tien Shan (the celestial) mountains in Kazakhstan. There are two types – soft neck and hard neck. The latter is favoured by chefs because of its large, easy to peel cloves and exceptional flavour. There are 600 cultivated sub-varieties around the world but it’s in China that 70% of the world’s garlic is grown.

Discover Garlic’s Health Benefits

Learn about garlic’s many health benefits. Crushed garlic in water helps to heal mouth ulcers; it thins the blood (hence why it keeps the vampires away); and it’s a powerful antibacterial agent. During WWI, the British Army ordered 100 tonnes of garlic to be sent to the frontline to fight infection before the invention of penicillin. Gardeners may like to try spraying crushed garlic in water to combat aphids, whitefly, spiders and other pests.

Taste The Garlic

It’s in the Tasting Room where the fun really begins. Taste different varieties of raw garlic such as Solent Wight, the original Isle of Wight garlic which has robust flavours (7/10 on the strength scale). The huge Elephant Garlic, the largest garlic bulb available outside the UK, is rather mild in comparison. Technically a member of the leek family, you can roast it whole or add it raw to salads. Try mayos, chutneys, pickles and relishes produced by the farm. Vampire’s Delight, a hot apple chutney, will ensure that any hungry vampires stay away.

 Black Garlic Ice Cream Sundae The Garlic Farm Restaurant
 Vampire's Delight Garlic Farm Shop 

Tasting Notes

  • Don’t leave without dipping a spoon into a Black Garlic Sundae in the restaurant – it’s divine and children will love it. The garlic bread is especially good too.
  • In the Farm Shop, stock up on delicious Garlic Farm products. Try Dragon’s Blood, a locally-brewed garlic beer; garlic popcorn, pork scratchings, roast garlic jam, rapseed oil with garlic and chilli and the sweet apple, fig and garlic chutney.


  • Do dine in the restaurant which is open 7 days a week. It has built up an excellent reputation amongst Islanders
  • Visit in mid August for the famous Isle of Wight Garlic Festivawhich has been going since 1984
  • Read more about the farm in the book Kew on a Plate which accompanies the popular BBC series with Raymond Blanc and Kate Humble
  • Gardeners can buy award-winning garlic bulbs to take home and plant in the garden

Cook’s Tip

Garlic keeps much better in a plait and looks rustic hanging in a kitchen. If you’re cooking from an American recipe, a ‘clove’ of garlic is known as a ‘toe’ of garlic.

Stay on The Isle of Wight Garlic Farm

If you’re planning a holiday on the Isle of Wight, why not stay in one of the holiday cottages, yurts and tents located on the farm?

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Fox terrier, Mr Hendricks, expert on dog friendly days out Isle of Wight

You can take me on the farm walk but please keep me on a lead and clean up after me. Afterwards, I’m very welcome in the Allium café and patio but not in the garlic shop or restaurant.

Mr Hendricks

How to Find The Garlic Farm 

The Garlic Farm, Mersley Lane, Sandown, Isle of Wight PO36 0NR



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