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by | Jul 13, 2019

Hotel Chocolat Tasting Experiences are available in London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Cheltenham, Aberdeen, Liverpool, Manchester and York.

You may have seen one of their shops on the High Street but you may not know that Hotel Chocolat is now a multi-million pound empire. There are now more than 80 shops, eight cafés, two restaurants, and even a hotel in St Lucia next to its cocoa plantation.

Hotel Chocolat Tasting Adventure with Prosecco

Get a chocolate education by taking a Hotel Chocolat tasting experience such as a bean-to-bar adventure

What makes Hotel Chocolat stand out is not just the story behind its brand but the many creative ways you can explore and taste its chocolate.

With UK-wide locations, its chocolate tasting adventures and bean-to-bar experiences are accessible to all. Heaven for chocolate-lovers across the country.

Perfect for a hen party, special birthday celebration or children’s party.

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Make Cocoa The Hero

Hotel Chocolat’s philosophy is to “make cocoa the hero” again. The chocolatier’s goal is to educate people to recognise and appreciate the higher cocoa content in the chocolate it produces compared to some of the best-known brands which have a much higher sugar content.

Hotel Chocolat’s chocolate tasting experiences are sociable and fun. Treat yourself or buy one as a lovely gift for a chocoholic friend.

Go on a Chocolate Tasting Adventure

If you need some help in understanding what makes good quality chocolate, an ideal place to start is one of Hotel Chocolat’s Tasting Adventures. With a glass of Prosecco on arrival and up to 13 different chocolates to try, what’s not to love?

The chocolate masterclass will widen your palette but also get you thinking about the aroma, mouthfeel, the look of the bar and even the sound it makes when you snap it. You’ll discover how to pick out the nuances of flavour and texture influenced by such things as the type of cocoa, terroir and conching time.

People on a Hotel Chocolat bean to bar experience

Making chocolate on a Hotel Chocola Bean to Bar experience

Have a Hotel Chocolat Bean-To Bar Experience

Once you’ve done your tasting adventure and you’re keen to understand the chocolate-making process, book yourself on to Hotel Chocolat’s ‘Bean to Bar’ experience.

This hands-on workshop is ideal for chocolate lovers who want to learn how to make chocolate. You’ll learn how to grind the roasted cocoa beans using a pestle and mortar before piping it into moulds and taking home your own chocolate bar to impress your family and friends.

Have a Chocolate Treat in a Cocoa Café

Many of the Hotel Chocolat’s boutiques now have their own in-store café and bar. The cafés serve a range of food and drinks all with a cocoa twist.

Try the low calorie alternative to drinking chocolate – cacao infusion either on its own or infused with peppermint or ginger. It’s got a subtle but delicious flavour. You can stock up on teabags in the shop.

If you’re in the mood for something stronger, try their cacao-infused gin (we love it with a cheeky bar of their gin-flavoured chocolate).

Have a Cocoa-Inspired Dinner

If you’re in London or Leeds, you can dine in one of Hotel Chocolat’s stylish restaurants.

Rabot 1745, the London restaurant, has a beautiful terrace overlooking Borough Market, the city’s famous food market so you can see the hustle and bustle below.

Cuisine is inspired by West Indian and modern British cooking and enhanced with the subtle flavour of roasted cocoa. On the menu, you’ll find dishes like ‘Choc au Vin’ and a trio of chocolate mousse using chocolate from different plantations.

Join the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club

If you’d prefer to taste from the comfort of your own home, consider joining the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club. It now has over 100,000 members.

For a monthly subscription, you’ll receive a different selection of chocolates each time along with a detailed tasting menu and a copy of their membership magazine The Pod. You can choose to receive your selection every 4, 8 or 12 weeks.

  • Membership of Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club makes a fantastic gift
  • Foodie Travellers with a bigger budget can book themselves into Hotel Chocolat’s Saint Lucia hotel and stay on a real cocoa plantation with its 14 chic pods and ‘Tree to Bar Experience’
  • Need a gift? Take a look at 60 of the Best Gifts For Chocolate Lovers


Dog Policy Mr Hendricks says, “Not one for me”.

How to Find Hotel Chocolat at Borough Market

Hotel Chocolat, Rabot 1745, 2-4 Bedale St, London SE1 9AL

Hotel Chocolat Borough Market

Rabot 1745


The Foodie Travel Guide

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Hotel Chocolat Bean to Bar Tasting Adventure

  • Learn from skilled chocolatiers
  • Watch how ‘tempering’ perfects chocolate
  • Enjoy a glass of our Prosecco
  • Save 10% in the Hotel Chocolat shop on the day!
  • Take home a goody bag

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