My Story

Let me tell you a story about why The Foodie Travel Guide was created and how it all began, many years ago.

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Why The Foodie Travel Guide?

Hello Foodie Travellers,

I set up The Foodie Travel Guide to inspire fellow food lovers to have fun exploring the foodie map of Britain. Too often, supermarket shopping leaves us feeling disconnected from the people and places who are dedicated to providing us with delicious food and drink. This guide celebrates them – the farmers, distillers, wine-makers and figures both historical and contemporary, who continue to influence our national palate.

By uncovering their wonderful stories and travelling off the beaten track, as well as into the beating heart of the city, I’ve discovered some fantastic tasting experiences and ideas for foodie days out and gourmet getaways across the British Isles.

I hope this collection will inspire you to become a food tourist in Britain and that on your culinary travels, you create many happy food memories. Join me on my journey as I explore new places and meet extraordinary people by following me, and my fellow contributors, on Facebook and twitter and by signing up to our newsletter.


The Foodie Travel Guide


My Story

I grew up the daughter of a chef in 1970s Britain. It made for an unusual upbringing. My mother whipped up all the flavours of Bird’s Angel Delight. My father fed us meals he’d cooked for dignitaries, perhaps the Prime Minister or a member of the Royal family.

I eagerly collected food memories. My first buttery croissant on a camping holiday in France aged 5; my first mango, a gift to my father from Benazir Bhutto; my first cup of freshly-ground coffee in Ethiopia aged 17; and my first crayfish, with vodka shots on the side, in Finland in my twenties.

Working in television a few years ago, with a brief to put some of the world’s best food and travel programmes online, I was in my element. From my London desk I’d travel with bad boy chef Anthony Bourdain, on one of his 48-hour layovers, or to New Zealand, to cook with Annabel Langbein in her idyllic South Island log cabin.

But it was the call of my home shores that was greatest. I really wanted to drive around Britain, preferably with Jamie Oliver in his campervan. Failing that, riding sidecar with the Hairy Bikers or in a plane with flying chef, James Martin.

So I took to the open road visiting foodie places and collecting stories along the way (I still am). The result is The Foodie Travel Guide. It’s dedicated to curious and hungry food lovers, keen to taste and discover something new in Britain. Enjoy.

My Father, The Chef

My Father, The Chef